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Top 10 Crystals for Beginners

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Whether you are buying your very first crystals or already have a beautiful collection, these are my top 10 high-vibe, chakra opening crystals suited for anyone and everyone!

Crystals are amazing at healing and realigning due to the high vibrations that each expels into the universe. Each crystal's vibration varies based on the size, color, thickness, and type of matter. When using a crystal, based on the vibration it resonates, it picks up on the vibrations given off by our chakras, or "human energy centers." The chakras are aligned with our endocrine glands, thus promoting physical healing; however, when the vibrations from the crystal and the chakra connect, it provides a pathway for the positive energy of the crystal to enter our bodies and the negative energy to escape, thus promoting spiritual healing as well. Pretty incredible right?!

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration." ~ Nikola Tesla

When selecting a crystal, always touch and feel it before purchasing to ensure a connection and that it is your healing stone. You will be drawn to it almost as if it is calling your name. I know that a crystal is my crystal when I can't take my eyes off of it and when I hold it I feel a calming warmth in my hand. When the crystal is right for you, trust me, you will know!

When you bring your new crystal baby home, make sure you cleanse it with either some sage, moonlight, or other cleansing method of choice (see my cleansing notes at the end of the post). Then, once it is cleansed, set an intention for the crystal and create a purpose for it. For example, when my Malachite chose me, I gave it the intention to protect me whenever it is by my side due to Malachite being a protection stone. Once your stone has an intention, you can carry it in your pocket, wear it on your body, mediate with it, or just place it around your home for a cleansing and high-vibe environment. The possibilities are endless!


Selenite is a white, translucent stone that forms into tubular crystals with iridescent striations. It was named after the Greek goddess of the moon Selene. Selenite has a very high and fine frequency thus making it ideal for meditation and connecting to your spirit guides. Selenite inspires peace and calmness while opening and activating the crown chakra. This is the perfect stone for balancing and stabilizing both one's physical body and emotions by eliminating negative energy. Selenite improves mental stability and flexibility as well as fine-tunes one's intuition.

Selenite is one of the only stones that not only cleanses itself but also cleanses other crystals surrounding it. Therefore, this crystal does not need to be traditionally cleansed. Selenite is water-soluble and a "soft stone" so to clean dust gently and keep away from water. Lay this crystal near your other crystals to cleanse your collection or place the selenite around the room to create a positive, clean environment for your spirit!

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz, otherwise known as the "love stone," is a soft pink colored quartz that can range from translucent to cloudy. Rose Quartz has a vibration that aligns with the heart chakra, thus opening up the heart and creating a pathway for love. The love that Rose Quartz promotes includes all types of love such as romantic love, platonic love, and the most genuine self-love. Rose Quartz is the "go-to" for all my self-love goddesses out there! This stone emits vibrations that increase happiness and warmth while promoting personal growth, spiritual development, and inner peace. Rose Quartz makes an individual feel calm and prepared for stressful situations or people. It strengthens one's resilience to deal with personal trauma.

Rose Quarts is ideal for wearing on the body because the light rosy color makes beautiful jewelry. Having a necklace of Rose Quartz that falls upon your heart increases the effectiveness of the crystal. This can be done while meditating as well by placing a rose quartz over your heart. This crystal loves being cleansed in water and should be cleansed every two weeks. Rose Quartz will lose its hue and its energy will be tampered with if it is left in the direct sunlight for an extended period of time. Rose Quartz is by far one of my favorites and is a must for everyone!


Amethyst is a variety of quartz with a purple hue that can range anywhere from a light lavender to a deep violet color. Amethyst is a healing stone which enhances physical vitality and emotional stability and strength. Amethyst vibrates at the same frequency as the crown chakra, thus cleansing and clearing the mind promoting one's intuition and communication. It is one of the rare stones that is believed to improve cerebral thought and intellect. Amethyst clears one's mind of stress and anxiety while elevating balance and peace. This beautiful purple stone received its name from the ancient Greek word for "not intoxicated" because it was thought to prevent drunkenness in the physical sense and in the metaphorical sense. It was believed to alleviate a cloudy mind and enable the holder of the stone to think clearer and make decisions based upon intellect rather than emotion.

Amethyst is a great crystal for anyone due to the healing properties being of both the physical state and emotional/mental state. My favorite way to use the crystal is during meditation and placing the stone on my forehead either when I have a headache or feel like my head is in a fog that day. Amethyst loves the moonlight or water to be cleansed and recharged. However, like rose quartz, amethyst will fade and lose some vibrational strength if left in the sun for an extended period of time. This crystal, if used frequently to heal, should be cleansed fairly often. Amethyst is the perfect stone for those days you need to clear your head!


Aragonite is the go to stone for all my earth goddesses out there! Aragonite is an Earth-healer stone, meaning it helps us reconnect to the Earth and assists in increasing our appreciation and respect for the power of nature. Aragonite is a grounding stone and vibrates at the same frequency of our root chakra. Thus, this crystal has an incredibly strong centering energy and is useful in times of stress. When dealing with anxiety or stressful situations aragonite can be used to ground one's physical energy and bring tolerance and flexibility to the mind. When stabilizing one's energy, Aragonite can also boost one's courage and mental strength. If you need some stability in your physical, mental, or emotional state, then this is the stone for you!

Aragonite is a soft stone, similar to selenite, so cleaning this crystal can include moonlight or sage smudging. However, since it is an Earth-healer stone, the most effective way to clean and recharge your Aragonite is to bury the stone in a container of Earth for 24 hours. Sand works great to do this and is easy to clean off the crystal when finished. Aragonite is an incredible crystal to keep around for those days when you need to unwind from reality, set an intention, and just meditate!

Clear Quartz

Quartz is the largest and most diverse family of minerals and embodies the most common sense of the word "crystal" by forming in hexagonal points. Clear Quartz contains prisms that hold the entire color spectrum. It is the crystal of light! Clear quartz vibrates with the frequency of the Crown chakra and is perfect for intensifying healing and spiritual development. Meditating with this crystal opens the heart and mind to a higher guidance and will amplify any intent that is imbedded into it. Clear Quartz is the crystal of the divine and is used to expand one's consciousness and communication with spirit guides. However, the holder must be in harmony with oneself and the crystal in order to receive the benefits of Clear Quartz.

Clear Quarts can be cleansed using virtually any method of choice whether that be sun, water, moonlight, or sage smudging. This crystal is perfect for amplifying the energy of the stones placed around it and thus is excellent for crystal gridding! No matter what crystals I am using during meditation, I always include a Clear Quartz in order to assist in communication and concentration! Clear Quartz in a MUST!


Pyrite, or "fools gold," is a pale, brassy-yellow colored stone with a gold-like metallic luster. Pyrite holds the energy of fire and was named after the Greek word for fire, pyr or pyros. Pyrite is a crystal of vitality, will, ambition, commitment, and perseverance. This crystal stimulates one's potential and enhances flow of ideas. Pyrite resembles the ability to generate wealth by one's own power and determination. This is the crystal for assertive action and boldness. Perfect for all the boss babes out there!

Pyrite is a protection stone, thus being perfect for jewelry or amulets. It vibrates at the same frequency as the Solar Plexus chakra meaning it can amplify one's will power and courage. Meditate with this stone when you need an extra boost in motivation! Pyrite loves to be out in the sun because it embodies the element of fire. This crystal is always next to me on my desk while I am working or studying and it is perfect for manifesting all of those big dreams of yours!


Celestite is the stone of heavenly communication and assists in contacting spirit guides. It activates the Throat chakra, the Third-eye chakra, and the Crown chakra. Celestite is a beautiful, pale-blue crystal that emits a soft, positive vibration that heals and purifies one's aura and surrounding environment. It promotes good fortune, release of anxiety, and purity of the heart. Celestite enhances the calmness of one's mind and space.

Celestite comes from the Latin word, caelestis, meaning "celestial" or "heavenly" due to the blue color resembling the sky. It is a very soft stone and will not do well in the sun for long periods of time due to the fading of color. Moonlight and sage smudging would be ideal for Celestite. Due to the effect it has on the mind and environment, Celestite is always on my bedside table. Placing this crystal in the bedroom or meditation space increases the stillness of an overactive mind which assists in sleep, meditation, and positive dreams. If you need tranquility, you need Celestite!


Howlite is a stone of awareness and radiates wisdom and enlightenment. This crystal works with the chakras by vibrating with and opening all seven. Due to this, Howlite is excellent for meditation and focusing the mind. Howlite rids the mind and body of stress and anxiety and is considered a very powerful calming stone. This crystal helps relieve anger and selfishness and aids in letting go of unhealthy attachments and emotional pains.

Howlite helps the holder of the stone focus on and amplify the positive traits of the holder and work on bettering the negative traits. Therefore, wearing howlite as an amulet or as a piece of jewelry or having the crystal as a palm stone, as picture above, is beneficial. Because Howlite is a powerful stone that removes negative energy and stress from the owner, it must be cleanse frequently in order to work efficiently. Howlite can be cleansed in any way, similar to clear quartz. So put the stone in the sunlight, under a full moon, in a bowl of water or earth, or smudge it with sage! This palm stone is normally on my desk, next to my pyrite, in order to assist in stress that is caused by work or other daily events! Howlite is a must have for anyone who struggles with anxiety or negative emotions!


Citrine, also called the "merchant's stone," is a stone of manifestation, will power, and imagination. Citrine is a variety or quartz that ranges from a burnt orange color to a pale yellow. This crystal opens and charges the Solar plexus chakra, as well as the Sacral chakra. The beautiful yellow hue resembles new beginnings and the fullness of life. Citrine aids in the manifestation of wealth and abundance and will bring prosperity to the holder.

Citrine is unique in the way it interacts with negative vibrations. Instead of absorbing the negative emotions, Citrine dissipates and grounds that negative energy. Because of this, this crystal does not need to be cleansed very often. Although Citrine holds the power of the sun, leaving citrine in the sun will diminish the color of the stone over time and affect the frequency of the vibrations. Citrine encourages imagination and creativity, so it is perfect for any artistic souls that are looking for some motivation!


Malachite is a rich green crystal with varying, light-green linear and circular patterns throughout. Malachite radiates with the Heart chakra which gives way to and open heart and increased empathy for others. It is also able to open and balance all seven chakras, similar to howlite. Malachite aids in transformation of the holder, allowing for change and spiritual growth. It heals on a physical and emotional level. Malachite helps fuel the inner strength of the holder to assume his or her rightful place in the universe.

Malachite is a protection stone. It absorbs negative emotions and pollutants from the mind and body, as well as the surrounding environment. Malachite is also known to protect travelers. While flying or driving, this stone helps calm fear and anxiety as well as protect the holder against accidents. Being someone who is nervous while flying and driving, I always carry a malachite in my purse at all times for protection and ease. Meditating with a malachite before traveling is especially helpful! Malachite can be cleansed in any method except water; avoid getting your malachite wet. Cleanse frequently due to the absorption of negative emotions and constant protection.

Notes about cleansing

Cleansing your crystals is so important for their effectiveness. The crystals that are used for clearing negative energy or protection, must be cleansed frequently, or every couple weeks. If you do not clean those specific stones on a regular basis, you risk them cracking from being too full of negative emotions, or you will lose them. Personally I have been through four different malachite stones due to previous ones disappearing. I have also had an amethyst crack due to ineffectively cleansing them. In my opinion, the easiest way to cleanse and charge your crystals is to sage smudge the crystals and then follow with burning palo santo. However, as stated above, some stone prefer certain methods, such as Aragonite buried in earth. If you are unsure about the method in which you should cleanse a certain stone, it is always a good idea to research the specific stone first to ensure no damage comes to the crystal. Use your intuition and enjoy the power of your crystals.

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