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"Vegan Eats" in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

I spent some time exploring the city of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and sought out some incredible vegan food! If you find yourself strolling between the bright colors and magnificent architecture of San Miguel, I hope you try out some of these “Vegan Eats” along the way!

When I found out I had the opportunity to go to San Miguel de Allende, I jumped at the chance! I was beyond excited to explore the city due to its intricate, Baroque Spanish architecture and rich history. I spent five days in the city for a family reunion and we stayed in an amazing hotel called La Casa de Noche (more on this gem later). It was our first trip abroad as a family and it could not have been more enjoyable!

San Miguel de Allende was the city of choice because quite a few members of our group had been there multiple times before and a handful of members are vegetarian as well. These two aspects made the trip stress free due to our constant assurance that vegan options were available and we had perfect, personal tour guide right in our own group! San Miguel de Allende is 100% a walking city which made getting around a piece of cake. However, the roads are made of cobblestone which, although gorgeous, is a major tripping hazard. The streets are also very hilly, so needless to say, wearing comfy shoes is a must when in this city!

The best part of this trip, besides the food and company, was being immersed in a city where the people speak Spanish. My mother and I are both Spanish speakers and it was so much fun being able to use my second language with a vast array of different people. This also made the trip easier in terms of traveling, dining, shopping, and mingling with the locals. My one tip to anyone traveling to a different country is to learn at least a few common phrases in the native language. In the United States, Spanish is a fairly common language, so you might already know the basics such as Hola, Buenos días, Adiós, Gracias, De nada. Some other helpful phrases are: No hablo español muy bien; Dónde está el baño; No como carne, leche, huevos o miel; Soy vegano/a; ¿Tienes opciones veganas? And an incredibly important question to ask every restaurant you visit is: ¿se purifica su agua? Always make sure the places you eat purify their water so that you don't have any health issues on your trip!

Now that we have the practical stuff out of the way, Lets eat! ¡Vamos!

Hecho en Mexico

My first stop provided a truly authentic Mexican meal equipped with all the amazing flavors of the region! At Hecho en Mexico, the meal began with fresh tortilla chips and two salsas, a traditional tomato and a green tomatillo. I ordered the Fajitas Vegetarianas, or vegetarian fajitas, with Nopales a la parilla, or grilled cactus, 115 pesos ($5.75). The fajitas came with warm, corn tortillas, guacamole, and commandeered some of the salsa to put on top as well. The meal was perfectly completed with a Dos Equis Ambar Cervesa! The entire meal was spectacular and a great start to the culinary journey we were about to embark on. The waiter did speak English and the staff was very accommodating to our very large group. The restaurant itself was also a thing to behold! The stone walls were covered in beautiful paintings, plants scattered everywhere, and beautiful hanging art pieces that added a whimsical feel. I would definitely recommend putting Hecho en Mexico on your itinerary!

Hecho en Mexico is located at Calle Ancha de San Antonio 8, about 4 blocks from the central square with Catedral de San Miguel. It is about a 10 minute walk to the restaurant and on the way there are fun shops you can explore!

Vía Orgánica

Our Next stop was an experience! Vía Orgánica is a restaurant and store all in one. They sell and serve all organic food products! It is in fact an organization that promotes the organic agriculture industry in Mexico. During my visit, the restaurant was located in the city. However, they recently relocated to a ranch about 20 minutes outside the city where they expanded their store and now have a farm centered around organic perma-culture. They host tourists in order to educate the public about organic farming. The organization also hires the local young population in order to enhance their appreciation for the region's botany and their own self awareness to the importance of the work Vía Orgánica does.

The menu is not 100% vegetarian, however the majority of options are vegetarian and can be easily adapted to vegan. We ordered a few appetizers for the table to share; the Guacamole, 95 pesos ($4.75), Chaminones de Ajillo, or mushrooms with garlic, 115 pesos ($5.75), and the Hummus y acetunas, or hummus and olives, 130 pesos ($6.50). All three dishes were absolutely mouth-watering! The guacamole at Vía Orgánica was, and still is, the best guacamole I have ever had, hands down! As my main dish, I ordered the Tomales Vegetarianas, 110 pesos ($5.50). These were the first tomales I ever had and they did not disappoint! It came with two tomales and a side of frijoles negros, or black beans. Side note, don't forget to take off the husk wrapper!

After our meal, I went downstairs to the store to browse the amazing produce and other artisan products they carried. The concept and mission of Vía Orgánica is one that everyone should listen to and learn more about.

Vía Orgánica is now located at Rancho Via Organica Valle de Jalpa El Membrillo. It was incredible and I highly encourage any San Miguel travelers to stop in and support this amazing organization!

Don Taco Tequila

Don Taco Tequila exceeded my expectations! When I was researching restaurants I wanted to explore in San Miguel, Don Taco Tequila was on that list as a vegan restaurant where I knew I would be able to get great tacos. But these tacos were NEXT LEVEL! Now let me say in advance, these pictures do not do this food justice. I think I was so pumped up about how good these tacos were that I couldn't, for the life of me, get a focused photo! Anyway, I ordered the Norteño taco (on the left) which was, tequila flamed mushrooms, caramilzed onion and garlic wrapped in cashew cheese crust on a flour tortilla, 59 pesos ($2.95). The cashew cheese crust, oh my goodness, my mouth is watering just writing about it! The second taco I ordered was the Bigotes which was, soy based chorizo , cashew cheese, and avocado with chipolte sauce on a flour tortilla, 49 pesos ($2.45). The chorizo was the best vegan chorizo I have had! If I had the room in my stomach for every taco on that menu, I would have ordered every taco!

At the beginning of the meal, we ordered guacamole for the table. It was fantastic! I ordered a Corona and my mother ordered a hibiscus margarita which seemed odd but was absolutely delicious! I learned on this trip that hibiscus flower tea is a traditional drink from the region that is used for its healing properties and also enjoyed at celebratory dinners.

Don Taco Tequila is located at Calle de Dr Ignacio Hernandez Macias 83. This amazing gem is centrally located right next to the main square with the Catedral de San Miguel.

Néctar was my favorite restaurant in San Miguel! It was like entering a fairy garden. Néctar is a tea house and vegan/vegetarian restaurant. They serve a vast array of teas which they also infuse into their food dishes. The restaurant is under an open roof with plants everywhere and glass hummingbirds hanging from every little corner. It is truly a sight to see! When we first sat down, we were served a glass of water and a cup of raw jicama fries sprinkled with lime and tajin. YUM!

As my drink, I ordered the special of the day. If you know me, you know I am a huge fan of Chai tea. My delicious chai concoction was infused with chocolate and ground oats and clove. It was spicy, sweet, and so tasty! Along with being a tea house and restaurant, they sell all of their teas. So after sipping on my drink for a while I decided to order a 1/2 lb bag of their Kerala Masala Chai tea. I still am rationing my way through the entire bag and every time I drink some, I am transported back to this beautiful hummingbird, fairy garden.

I visited Néctar with my parents and brother Garrett. Both my parents and I ordered the Molletes which were, french rolls covered with refried beans infused with their Conde Grey tea served with avocado, tomato, house made cashew sour cream and a red sauce on the side, 100 pesos ($5.00). After having heavy meals on the days prior the Molletes were so fresh and satisfying to eat. Now, this is something I make in my own kitchen often!

My brother Garrett ordered a sandwich that had red peppers, mushrooms, chai infused caramelized onions and the house chipotle mayonnaise, 120 pesos ($6.00). This also came with a side of roasted, herbed potatoes. He absolutely loved his dish as well!

We finished off the meal with the absolute best way to finish any meal......Espresso!

Néctar is located at Correo #43 Camino Silvestre. Just a short walk from the main square with the Catedral de San Miguel. When I go back to San Miguel, Néctar will be first on my list! Make sure you check it out!

Casa de la Noche

When we were in San Miguel, our entire group stayed at a beautiful bed and breakfast called Casa de la Noche. The bed and breakfast is so gorgeous it felt more like a resort. Throughout our stay, all I could keep describing it as was, "como un sueno," or "like a dream." Not only is it an artists dream with paintings and art pieces scattered over the entire property, but the architecture in itself left me in awe. It was originally a bordello back in the 1940's-50s with good food, music, and of course beautiful women. Eventually Barbara Poole, the current owner and host, turned this jaw-dropping haven into what it is today. Barbara was just one of the many amazing aspects about Casa de la Noche. She was kind, funny, personable, and made sure we all felt "at home." We couldn't have asked for a better host! Along with the fabulous rooms and atmosphere, we were served breakfast every morning as well as two "family dinners" out in the courtyard.

Breakfast, for the vegan crew, always consisted of yummy, warm oatmeal (it was cold there in the mornings), fresh fruit, juice, and coffee. Our hosts even went out of their way to purchase almond milk for our coffee! The two family dinners in the courtyard were different each time. The first being Posole soup, a very traditional Mexican soup made with shredded chicken. Our vegan posole was made with chickpeas instead. The second dinner was enchiladas, chicken for those who ate meat and veggies for the vegans. Both meals came with bottomless margaritas, so it was a good time! All of the food was spectacular and the accommodations that Barbara made for those of us who are vegan were very appeciated and left us in complete gratitude.

Casa de la Noche made our stay in Mexico very special and ultimately, unforgettable! Thank you Barbara and the wonderful staff!


San Miguel de Allende is a spectacular city that I plan on returning to in the future! The streets are overflowing with culture, the people are warm and inviting, and the food is incredible! The memories I made in San Miguel will forever be cherished and I thank everyone who made this trip what it was. If you find yourself on an adventure through the city of San Miguel de Allende, make sure you stop at some of these great "Vegan Eats" I found! ¡Ten una gran adventura, hasta luego!

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Mike Monteleone
Mike Monteleone
May 10, 2023

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